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baby deals!!!!

well, my little one is due in about 2 1/2 weeks. wow…that came so fast! i have made significant progress since i wrote last…which isn’t surprising since that was in january. 😦 a little update…we have the nursery 95% done, several names chosen to pick from, babysitters lined up for nic, and a plan in place for birth! i feel better already! 🙂 we also have been so blessed by friends who gave us a surprise diaper shower! i have been trying to watch for sales and stock up, but what a great surprise to have others supply our needs too! here is a photo of what they got for me!


also, the huggies coupons that have been going around for $5 off of any gentle care item are really saving me lots of money too!  i don’t use huggies diapers, but the coupon works for wipes too!  target has a great deal on the big packs of wipes for $6, so i got each of them for $1!  in fact, everything in the picture below cost me a total of $6.  (retail?  $30)  i had target and manufacturer’s coupons for almost everything, as well as kroger coupons for the green wipes.  i feel so stocked!  i am really excited about all the deals i have found and my hubby is pretty impressed too.  happy bargain hunting, friends!! 🙂 



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