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i recently discovered the wide world of “thrifty bloggers” one of which is “money saving mom.” now, i really enjoy a good deal. i have been clipping coupons and matching them to the ads for years. and i always shop the sales and usually hit 4 grocery stores in one trip. my mom is an amazing bargain shopper and i learned a lot from her. but these bloggers out there are AMAZING. among other things, they do this thing called “cvs-ing.” CVS has this rebate program that automatically gives you money back on your shoppers card. every week there are deals specifically for this. i am not really a big cvs shopper, but today i decided to try out this little rebate thing they all rave about. (oh, and it’s not a mail in rebate, which i hate, it’s instant).
anyway, i got some good stuff! i am not anywhere near as good as these other bloggers, but i think i did pretty well.
here is what i got!
in case you can’t see it all, i got:
2 boxes of soy joy bars (cost $6, rebate was for $6, so free) that gave me $12 in “cvs dollars” to spend
1 3-pack of kleenex (cost $3.69, rebate was for $1, i had at 50 cent coupon, so $2.19)
revlon mascara and revlon eyeliner (these were buy one get one free! i paid around $7, had $3 in coupons, so $4 for both)
christmas stuff was 90% off! so all the christmas stuff i got was around $5-6 bucks!
anyway, i ended up getting everything and spending only $15!
the retail was close to: $80 (if you count in full price christmas stuff!)
anyway, i am hoping to get better at this whole thing and i will let you know what i find!
speaking of deals, look what i scored at target for $10 today! (these are on sale until saturday)
(does anyone know how to turn the ridiculous pictures in wordpress???)
happy shopping everyone!! 🙂


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yipes. i need to get cracking on several things. here they are:
a nursery theme or idea
organizing all the baby clothes that i will re-use
making a list of new things i need
finding a name! and a middle name too! (thankfully the last name is pretty set. 🙂
anyway, i need some inspiration especially on the first and last items.
any ideas? i am fairly open to anything at this point!! i also would love any good ideas for decorating the nursery pretty inexpensively!
oh, in case you didn’t know, i’m having a boy.

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