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i am a terrible blogger

i’ve known this for some time…i basically just like to read blogs, but i know i should update this once in awhile!  🙂  

first things first!  i’m pregnant with my second child!  due march 27, 2009!  i’m really excited and things are going well…although i have been sick here and there.  i’m almost out of the woods, i think.  🙂  

also!  sam and i bought our first house!  we move in about a month.  we are pumped about that.  

see, look at all that news i had.  just waiting to be blogged.  anyway, i would love some tips on moving or decorating or painting, etc…for our new house!  we can use any help we can get!  



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LABOR day!

over at rocks in my dryer, shannon has created a little labor day post to participate in!  check it out!  and here’s mine: (i only have nic)

how long were you in labor?  11 hours

how did you know you were in labor?  contractions and the doctor breaking my water!

where did you deliver?  in a hospital!

drugs? i had to have pitocin (the devil) and then i took an I.V. drug of some kind–which put me to sleep between contractions…so weird.  kind of like waking up to piercing pain every 3 minutes. bizarre.

who delivered? my doctor!  🙂


if you want in on the fun, head over to rocks in my dryer and join!  

happy labor day to everyone!!

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