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this is a plea for help

oh God help me. (literally!)  i have started potty training.  

nicholas is 22 months.  i know, i know.  that is “early.”  and yes, everyone says boys are harder.  so what am i thinking??  mainly that i am tired of dropping $40 a month (or more) on diapers every month.  but also, i was noticing that nic really seemed pretty aware of his, um, output.  and he was very interested in his daddy using the potty.  “see daddy’s pee-pee!”  🙂  so i thought i’d give it a shot.  

my main “strategy” was to try putting him in cotton training pants so he could “feel” the discomfort of the wetness, etc.  sounded pretty logical to me.  however, i should have accounted for nic to go ahead and not even notice the pee running down his legs and the wet training pants around his waist.  i mean, not even a second of acknowledgment, people.  i also tried the schedule thing where you set them on the potty every hour or so and just wait.  well, this worked pretty good, (peeing in the potty about 4 times a day) but i’m just unsure of how to move from that to teaching him to really understand that he needs to go when he feels the urge, instead of when i take him.  

so moms, i need help.  some real tips, please.  i know that “wait til they are 3” is a popular response…i’ve gotten that…but if anyone has any other ideas, i’d be forever grateful.  and who knows, maybe i’ll be “waiting til 3.”  🙂  

here are a few pictures for fun…pretty much the only “fun” in my potty training experience!!!  enjoy!  (and i don’t know how to turn the vertical ones…sorry!)


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