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well, this past thursday i got my wisdom teeth taken out. all 4. it was my first “surgery.” i have had a pretty uneventful medical history, and i’d like to keep it that way, thank you very much.
it was totally not what i expected. i was “sedated” through an iv. basically, i expected to fall asleep, not remember anything, and later, “come out” of some sort of weird sleep. unfortunately, i apparently was not breathing correctly (um, what????) and so they couldn’t really put me all the way under from what i understand.
at any rate, i remember the whole thing. i can tell you the order they took the teeth out, i remember the stitches going in…all that. no pain though, which is super. 🙂 i kept talking to the doctor and nurses during the whole thing. i kept saying, “shouldn’t i be asleep?” and they just kept telling me, “you weren’t breathing right.” i was apologizing, but i didn’t think that was something i had to manage while i was supposed to be freaking sedated.
oh well, it is over. i have 4 holes in my mouth now and some ridiculously annoying stitches that i wish would *please* dissolve before i rip them out go crazy. i am also taking an antibiotic and i have some mouth rinse that–bonus!–numbs my tastebuds so everything tastes like stale bread.
it’s really been a delightful experience.
have you had YOUR wisdom teeth out?? tell me all about it!
oh–big THANK YOU to gretch and my sweet sam for taking such good care of me at home…you guys are the best.


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tornado season

well, i’ve just returned from a trip east for my brother’s wedding. it was awesome! my husband and i also celebrated our 5 year anniversary on the trip! so fun. all in all, a pretty good trip.

but then we tried to travel home.

summer in indiana is riddled with storm warnings, tornadoes, and flash floods. it’s delightful, really. however, as we traveled from ohio to indiana on monday, we ran smack in to some of the worst rain i have ever seen, let alone driven through. we had just passed middle point. i forget if it was in indiana or ohio. it all looks the same so scenic it’s hard to tell. we literally could not see the road in front of our car. so we coast off this exit just as the radio announcer is mentioning that there is a tornado spotted in middle point. PERFECT. we are literally in the middle (ironic name for an exit) of the storm. the radio guy (pretty much our bestie at this point) is telling us to take cover and all sorts of things that you don’t want to hear (especially when you have a toddler in tow)! so we drive…um, more like creep, along the road looking for a shelter of some sort. because in case you didn’t know, the alternative to a shelter is to lay down in a DITCH on the side of the road. right. i can hardly get nooch to lay down for a nap in his own comfy crib, let alone in a ditch on the side of a flooded road. so we are desperately seeking shelter. we come upon a drive in movie theater…however a huge screen coming crashing down didn’t look like the best option for us. so right next door is this house. we figure whoever is home might let us in their basement. you know, being human and all, we figured they’d help us. so my fearless husband trots up to the door (getting soaked) and knocks. no answer. he knocks again…then he OPENS THE DOOR. i am wildly gesturing –what the #(*&(#* are you doing??? he is motioning me in. there is no one home in there! i take one look at the green sky and one look at my sweet nooch (who is still blissfully coloring away in his carseat) and scoop him up to run into the house. the house that isn’t ours. that is open. that we are illegally using for shelter. i just keep saying, “this is so illegal, this is so illegal.” thankfully the warning expired about 15 minutes after that and we could escape.

just in case you’re wondering, no one ever came home. if you’re from middle point…i hope i didn’t break in to your house. i’m sorry.

i hate tornadoes.

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