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Book 22

If you’re married, you really should check out Book22. Especially after hearing Morgan’s talk in church on Sunday, all I could think of was that more people should know about this site! They even have a blog, which i added to my blogroll.
Really, go check it out. Happy shopping! 😉


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i had a request for a recipe (gretchen) and we were talking about this one today at small group. so here you go!

Caprese Salad (serves 4-ish)
2 large tomatoes (really best in summer)
1 large ball of fresh mozzarella cheese
1 bunch fresh basil, chopped (like a 1/2 cup maybe?)
olive oil
balsamic vinegar

Slice tomatoes and cheese in thick slices. Arrange artfully on a plate. (i do an overlapping circle…you know, use your imagination.) Sprinkle with basil. Drizzle vinegar first, then oil. Season with salt and pepper. (fyi-fresh mozzarella is WAY less salty than the deli stuff. so salt it liberally if you wish)

I also make this with boccocini (small, individual fresh mozz. balls) and cherry or grape tomatoes. no slicing needed. it looks pretty in a glass bowl.

I serve this with grilled chicken and asparagus in the summer! 🙂

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hey everyone! just wanted to update about the haiti trip. we all arrived safely home on saturday evening. it was a really long day of travel, but i’m thrilled i could be home for mother’s day with sam and nic. (which, by the way, was very nice! sam blogged about it with pictures and everything, imagine that!)
a few comments about the trip:
i mainly worked with the dentist. he was under an extreme amount of pressure, but managed to pull through nicely. he pulled 61 teeth out of 60 people. some were 5 or 6 at a time. seeing all that was a lot more than i bargained for, but a good experience. it was great to know those people wouldn’t be in any more pain.
the home we started construction on was mostly completed. i think the roof and some paint is all that was left. the guys all put in a lot of long days to make it happen.
i was able to go into the school at double harvest and do some dental education, as well as interact with the teachers and students. i really enjoyed that aspect of the trip. the children were so animated and seemed to be excited about something as simple as brushing their teeth!
my biggest take-away from the whole experience was just an overwhelming feeling of respect for the people-particularly the women-of this country. they really do so much with so little. as a mom, i feel the universal pull to provide a “great life” for my son. seeing the moms in haiti do virtually the same for their children reminded me what a “great life” really means. it’s not all the stuff, or the house, or the white picket fence. it’s not the activities or the gifts. it’s the time and the love; the playing and the reading, all the things that don’t cost a thing. and i definitely was reminded that if women in haiti can feel that need to give to their child and provide it with so little, than i can surely give nicholas those things here in the US.
overall, it was a great trip. we met some great people, and i know that some groundwork is being laid for future trips. i was honored to be a part! thanks for all your prayers and support!!!

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live from haiti!!!

hello all!!!!!!!! i am writing from double harvest here in croix de bouquets, haiti. our accommodations are awesome and i’m thrilled to have internet access. our main duties while we are here are to build a home for a woman with 3 children, and to provide dental education and services to locals. today we had the chance to visit the home and begin work on that, as well as visit the school and see the village next to double harvest. we attended a home dedication for a family in the village. it was for a family of 7 orphans, being cared for by the oldest sibling. we also attended at church service this morning at 6:30 am (!) that they provide for their laborers here at double harvest. then, the workers go into the field for the day. it is so hot here. the sun is fierce. gretch and i spent the majority of our day in the bed of a pick up truck riding back and forth from double harvest to the home site. it was a SHOCKINGLY bumpy experience. we totally “got air” several times in the back. so we will be sore tomorrow. 🙂 tonight we cooked for the team and celebrated the arrival of our dentist, jeff. he has been delayed in travel. we are all looking forward to the work we can do with the clinic. we will know more about that tomorrow. gretchen and i are really racking up the new experiences here! we have been so excited to see all the children and look forward to being in the school more.

i am really missing my two favorite boys at home. sam has emailed a few times and it sounds like they are having great “daddy-son” time. you can check out those adventures HERE on his blog.

well, the team is hanging out and playing some cards. i think i will join them! maybe more soon!!!

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I’m off!!

well, i’m taking off for indy tonight. i’ll stay at the airport and then we leave bright and early at 6 AM. OHMYWORD. how early is that??? i haven’t seen 6 AM in a looong time. but hey, sacrifices you know? poor gretchen–i’m really not much of a morning person.
anyway, i’m really excited to go to haiti and do whatever i can to help…as well as learn whatever God has for me. i know that it will be amazing, no matter what. i’m really looking forward to sharing with you all when i return. if you think of us, please pray for safety and the ability and opportunity to minister in various ways.
we are SUPPOSED to have internet down there…i’m not really holding my breath. but if we do, i’ll try to update! if not–more in a week!

oh, side note: my sweet hubby is keeping my little one ALL week by himself! (okay, with the HUGE help of julie, brigit, and barbie)…and he’s video-journaling it all HERE. check it out and show him some link love.

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