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Sweet Babies

i read a great blog…”one thing” written by Jenni who has 12 (!) children. anyway, i really like her blog not just because she is a mom, although i like that too, but also because she just really witty, deep…things i’m really not. haha…

so her post today…wow…pretty moving for me as a mom.  i remember thinking when nicholas was born…i really don’t want to look back and wish i had appreciated this time in his life more– you know, because EVERY parent i’ve ever known says that.  so i really tried to make a big point to appreciate all his little features and characteristics.  but looking back, i know that with my next child (if God chooses to bless me with one) i will notice different things, more things, i hope.  anyway, the post over at “one thing” really verbalizes all of that.  i hope that it doesn’t take 12 kids for me to realize how precious and wonderful the newborn stage is.  because i’m not looking to have 12 kids…but you never know.  haha.  enjoy.


“I used to be a moron.

Not that I can now claim to have completely escaped from the tangled web of morony, but from at least one thread I have won my freedom.

This sticky, deceitful thread was the one entitled “newborns are boring”. 

In years long past, I would gaze upon the face of my infant child and sigh at their helplessness. I wanted them to DO something. When would they smile? When would they sit up? When would they crawl? I checked the books and chafed at the interminable time it would take before they would be entertaining.

Moron. Card-carrying. Certifiable.

When they would curl their bodies into tight little balls as they lay upon my chest, drawing their feet up and tucking in their arms, a chrysalis of humanity encapsulated between my collar bone and navel…I didn’t find that particularly wondrous.

When their heads would lift off my chest, bobbing and weaving, eyes wide with unfocused wonder and mouths in tiny o’s of surprise, struggling to study my features before burrowing back into my neck in exhaustion…I didn’t think that was terribly interesting.

When they would twitch and squeak as they slept, eyes darting under delicate lashes as they sailed their ship of dreams, smiling suddenly, breath puffing out in the heh-heh-heh of a Lilliputian laugh as angels stood at the helm and told them of the adventures they would have together..I did not stand in amazement.

When they would wake in the night, nuzzling and searching for comfort, flailing and furious at the sensation of hunger, knowing somehow exactly how to be satisfied: nurse, swallow, breathe, repeat…I never saw the miracle before me.

But slowly, so slowly…I have learned. I have cut away the sticky demands, the tangle of impatience, the ignorant blinders that kept me from seeing all that my infants were.

They were fascinating. From the curl of their fists to their wrinkled soles, amazing. At two weeks (+!), my newborn has already changed monumentally from when I first laid eyes upon him. He does not smell like the breezes of heaven anymore, but of Burt’s Bees Baby Wash. He does not wear the infintesimal speck of size NB any longer. The cord has shrivelled and gone. Every day, he grows (faster, I think, than any baby has before).

I sit and rock him, and stare. I do not want him to sleep so that I can “get something done”. I do not hasten to lay him in his bed as soon as he is finished nursing. I do not wonder how long it will take him to smile at me in recognition. I kiss his wizened little old-man hand and do not wish for it to fill out. I am cherishing his tinyness. And I cry for the infancies that I wished away, in ignorance and impatience.

I wish I could have them back, just for an hour, to treasure them for all that they already were.

In this respect, at least, I am no longer a moron”

thanks for the words, Jenni.  you are so right.  


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The Pointy Pencil

My friend Marcie has a cool new blog about her store “The Pointy Pencil” here in Kokomo.  It was formerly called Teacher’s Delight.  As an educator, i have spent plenty of time in stores like this.  I think it’s really cool that Marcie has a blog for her store!  check it out and show her some love…

The Pointy Pencil

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bite back

check it out y’all

this is a campaign against the preventable disease of malaria. i am currently quite interested in the prevention of this disease with the going to haiti and all. this banner will take you to boomama’s blog and there is more info over there.


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house hunting

i have a serious problem with loving hgtv and tlc.  especially all the house hunting shows.  we don’t own a home yet (hopefully soon), but i am looking forward to the process…as long as it is JUST LIKE those shows.  sam thinks i’m ridiculous, but i don’t think it’s too much to ask… 🙂 anyway, right now i’m watching a house hunters episode with a woman who has 2.2 million to spend.  how ironic, that is precisely MY budget too!  

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actually, it’s shaumburg…

i’m here with sam and nic for the SHIFT conference at willow. i’m not actually going to the conference, but i’m hanging out in the fabulous hyatt place hotel! if you ever get a chance to stay in one, they are awesome! really updated and nice inside. really clean (quite the plus!). and the staff here is super nice. oh and there are 42′ flat screens in every room. and a king size bed. and it was the cheapest hotel near willow! so how do you like that?!

anyway, i got a chance to head over to willow this morning…my maiden voyage to the mothership, if you will. 🙂 everyone told me that oakbrook is a pretty good copy of willow…

um, yes, it is. and i know that for sure because as we pulled up, nic yells out- “DRUMS!” which is also the first thing he says when we pull up to oakbrook.

so that is scientific proof, you see.

nic is napping now…i have the whole room to myself and i brought some books to read. how relaxing.

maybe we’ll go to ikea tonight! 🙂

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food porn

so not to go all “smitten kitchen” on you but i made some food last night that was rather photogenic.  so here you go!  

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