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well, i’m going to haiti. the money is all in (within 24 hours, (!) from a variety of donors–WHO ARE AWESOME), i have a ridiculously sore arm from The Tetanus shot, and i have a typhoid vaccination hanging out in my frig.   i am really excited because it’s been a good 6 years since i’ve been face to face with poverty on that kind of level. in high school i went to the dominican republic…then to jamaica in college….from what i hear, haiti makes those places look like the hamptons.  we’ll see.so why am i going?  well, it all began about a week and a half ago (!).  my friend gretchen is going, and after our women’s small group, she asked me about joining her team.  see, i’ve been praying for a long time that God would give me the desire to pursue risk in my life.  because i’m a regular daredevil  scaredy-cat.  and i don’t just mean the fact that i don’t enjoy jumping out of airplanes.  i mean, i don’t really do anything that requires the least bit of tension–physically or otherwise.  including spiritually.  i’ve been chillin’ in my comfort zone for AWHILE.  i think this is pretty ridiculous for someone who has never really experienced any sort of tragedy that would bring that kind of fear, to be so afraid of taking chances!  see, i look at my life and it’s all me.  it’s all stuff that i look at and say…”yep, i can do that…yes, i am capable of this.”  the things that you would look at and say “wow, only God could make that happen” are few and far between in my life.  not to say they don’t exist.  but i was beginning to see a pattern that i didn’t like.  and i’m a mommy now.  i know i won’t be perfect…but i want to have the awareness to know that nicholas sees what i do, and he wants to be like me.  and that is a pretty tall order.  so i’m trying to model appropriate risk to him.  you know, the risks that count for eternity.  i’m going with a group from my church.  we are going to an organization called “double harvest.”  i’m not sure what my job description will be, but i am (uncharacteristically) not really too worried about all of it.  pretty shocking.  i really feel like God is giving me the peace to just go and be available to serve.  i mean, i’m leaving my baby and my hubby for a week straight.  and i’m sure it will be really hard.  but i am really trusting God to provide for me in that area too.  i’m really trying to embrace the risk and let myself feel it.   but i’m still not jumping out of any airplanes people.   


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the office!!!

just so everyone knows in case you didn’t see—THE OFFICE IS BACK APRIL 10!!!!!!!!!  My life can now be full again.  haha! 

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i hope you all had a great easter!  we got pretty in to it this year.  we had a lot of fun picking out all of nic’s basket items.  we even got him a personalized liner to re-use each year that has his name on it.  he also got some great diego stuff!  he is so into that show!  (did anyone see diego and dora on the today show?  that was kind of a let down….i thought it would be better.)  we also really enjoyed our church’s program.  it was awesome.  kind of “stomp”-esque.  it was really out of the ordinary…but really cool.  so, how was your easter?  what did you do to celebrate?   

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charlie hall! :)

okay so charlie hall came to our church today. he is an awesome worship leader. he is also a really cool guy. and his band couldn’t be nicer. so if you don’t have his new cd, or the new passion cd, they are worth getting. nic really enjoyed the band as well. the drummer actually let him play his $8000 set. how cool is that?

on a side note, poor nic has a fever due to teething. so, it’s been a big weekend here.

i promise i’ll try to post some pictures or something soon. my hubby has some on his blog.

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okay so in ohio, where i’m from, there is this fabulous little cupcake shop: main street cupcakes. well, they were featured today on one of my favorite blogs: cupcakes take the cake. why you ask?

they have obama, hillary, and mccain themed cupcakes for sale. HA! check it out!

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oh dear…

last night as i was watching big brother on my dvr…(a favorite pastime) i got an email saying that someone commented on my blog! wow. i didn’t think anyone had ever seen this thing. anyway, it was from
Anne Jackson. she’s in my blogroll. i’ve never met her. she has a really cool blog. anyway, i had put her name under “cool mommies” in my list of links.

she’s not a mommy.

so she asked to be removed, obviously. however…ragamuffinsoul (carlos whittaker) heard about it and “twittered” that she was a mother and listed my link.

all that to say: my views went from about 10 to about 200 in one hour. shocking.

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i am so addicted to facebook.  i literally NEED to look at it every day.  make that several times a day.  i love to see what everyone is up to.  especially this week and next week as everyone is on, or returning from, spring break!  i can live vicariously through everyone else’s fabulous trips.  see, the photo updates are my favorite.  like for instance, my sister is in freaking ireland.  um, over st. patrick’s day.  how LUCKY is that?   i’m not bitter…because i know when she gets back she’ll post some fabulous picture albums and i’ll get to see it all!  that’s the beauty of facebook.  if you don’t have a facebook account…you need one.  how do you survive without knowing what your friends are doing every 2-5 minutes?   

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